Colorado can offer plenty of scenic views over the Rocky Mountains and a good number of resorts popular not only among local tourists but also nationwide. Regardless of the season, one can find here splendid landscapes and a diverse choice of winter and summer activities. Small towns like Vail and Breckenridge host some of the most visited resorts in the region. The best option to get there is Denver to Breckenridge car service.

There are usually multiple options when it comes to transportation and choosing any given one depends on whether you are traveling alone, with your family or friends, on whether you need or intend to make occasional stops at certain locations, but also on your schedule and specific destinations.

By car, one can get to Breckenridge in about one hour and a half (roughly 80 miles) using the shortest path (I-70 W). It would take a bit longer – about two hours and 10 minutes (120 miles) along the same road – in order to get to Vail from Denver airport. All the way to your final destination, you’ll have the chance to witness the might and beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

As for Breckenridge and Vail – these are both among the top ski/snowboarding resorts in the region (with altitudes of 10000 feet or more). These also host a lot of entertaining activities in summer:  hiking, golfing, fishing, cultural festivals, etc.

Consider The Transportation Choices

Typical choices of transportation in the region include:

  • shuttles – this route has a good choice of shuttle services that would drive you or your group with comfort from the airport to your destination;
  • cars (own or rented) – obviously, with your own car, you are the master of your schedule and can stop anywhere you want for as long as you want, including for dining and rest. However, renting cars and parking fees are fairly considerable here.
  • taxis – this will cost you more than a relatively modest rented car and long or multiple stops will turn into additional expenses but at least it would allow you to enjoy the scenery from a passenger seat.
  • buses – opting for public transportation might be the cheapest option, with the downsides that you have no control over the stops and the schedule.

Plan Well

Whichever option you choose for transportation from Denver airport to Vail, Breckenridge, or other touristic resort in the region, it is essential to plan well in advance. This refers to the time of departure, the time spent on the road and the approximate time for stops (if any), the check-in time for the hotel you booked or intend to go to, etc. It is a good idea to consult the map in advance and to test for alternative routes that can offer more delightful scenery (from Denver to Breckenridge, there is a longer alternative route – this can be valid for traveling to Vail as well).