Colorado gained fame of one of the most beautiful states. There are high mountains, deep lakes and unique nature parks there. There are sites that one undoubtedly has to visit during the lifetime.

Colorado also hosts ones of the most famous ski resorts. In Vail and Aspen are situated well-known vacation spots. Any place in Colorado is possible to be reached by car. It is possible to use a private car or to rent an auto in Denver for example.

The Key Sites

If one has an opportunity to travel to Denver he has to take the best of it. It is important to visit picturesque and historic sites. Here are some unforgettable places that can be easily reached by auto:

  • Aspen. There were many films filmed about beautiful Aspen.  It is a very historic city. Its history goes back to the end of the XIXth century. Today’s there is a huge mine museum in the town. It will be very interesting to visit for tourists. Aspen is the place with an excellent climate. That is the reason why it hosts the vacation houses of many famous people. If one wants to enjoy any type of winter sports Aspen is a good choice. It hosts lots of prestigious winter resorts.
  • Vail. It is another unforgettable diet to visit. The winter here is very cold. The mountains chain is quite high. Vail is famous for its luxurious ski resorts. If one plans a one day visit it is possible to take one-day ski path. It is also possible to enjoy one of the extreme types of sports that are proposed at the vacation spots.
  • Rocks. The territory around it is actually the reserve. The place is simply amazing. It can be easily reached by car. The tourists can enjoy beautiful views. The area hosts quite rare mammals. Some of them are even dangerous. That is why one should pay attention to the places he stops at. There Are many places where it is prohibited to stop.
  • Mesa Park. That is another beautiful pearl of state. One simply has to visit it. It is the place where the Cliffs Palace is situated. Navigating around the park is not that easy. It is better to take a guide. This way one will get to know interesting historical facts too.
  • Black Canyon. This is an absolute must see place. It is situated in the Gunnison Park. Like any type of canyons, it amazes by its size and beauty. The best is to visit the place when it is not windy. This will guarantee a clear view. Tourists will be able to enjoy the perfect shapes of the mountains.

These are quite outstanding places to get acquainted with in the state. For such a trip it is better to choose a sports utility car. Traveling will be much easier in it. The SUV perfectly drives on tricky mountain roads. It also allows traveling in winter.